Do you love crystals? Maybe you have just discovered crystals and dont know where to start? Crystal delivered to your door MONTHLY! 

Give yourself the gift of healing each month and a wee special surprise!

We have three Crystal Healing Subscriptions available. One for every budget! Trust The Crystal Shop to surprise you with wondrous gems and holistic gifts to make your month magnificent. 




Bring a little bit of positive energy into your home and your life every month. All the crystals are cleansed using singing bowls and collected with love and good intention. 


Which ever box size you choose, we promise to send the most beautiful and unique crystals and gemstones from across the globe. 




Whats in the Healing Box?

Your Crystal Subscription box will include Healing crystals, tumblestones, carvings and jewellery. It will also have an incense of the month and wee gifts like dreamcatchers, spirital statues, candles, magical sage and healing gifts. 


The theme will change each month and there will be a newsletter from Clare about your items and why they are super special! Themes such as:  Calming, Sleep, Chakras, Energising, Postivity and Protection. You can guarrantee a stunning box filled with goodies. Each crystal will be carefully wrapped and as always, some little extra goodies will be in your boxes for FREE. 


Why choose us? 

We have been Crystal experts since the last century - and we promise to not just send the normal crystals. Each month there will be something especially special and unusual. A crystal that makes us stand out, something different and unique to give you an extra WOW. 

When do I get my box?

Your healing box will be sent out 2nd class royal mail post on 21st of each month (or nearest working day), so you can be ready for your monthly cleansing box to arrive! If you want to sign up and get this months box - just do so before 19th of the month. 

Can I send to a friend?

Why Yes you can! You can gift 3 months, 6 months or a year to a friend.Just select the appropriate option and make sure you pop their address in the delivery section. We do not include prices or invoices in any of our products.


What if I want to cancel?

No problem! No cancellation fee. Just let us know and we can sort that for you. If you want to cancel but it is already 20th and items have been sent, your subscription will be cancelled for the following month.