Amber is a wonderful soothing stone. It is my go to stone for depression and helps with eczema and allergies also. 


Healing: Fossilized resin. Helps the body heal itself through bright & soothing energy. Aids depression. It can calm the nerves and is said to help with postnatal depression. Used in the treatment of thyroid, kidney and bladder problems. Aids in the rehabilitation of throat and bladder illnesses.


Cool Facts: The Baltic region is home to the largest known deposit of amber, called Baltic amber or succinite. It dates from 44 million years ago (during the Eoceneepoch). It has been estimated that these forests created more than 100,000 tons of amber.


Baltic amber contains relatively high levels of succinic acid, ranging from 3% - 10%. Baltic amber jewelry has been a natural remedy for teething and joint pain relief for hundreds of years.