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These are ten of Clare's favourite crystals in the ,most recent delivery! 

This week I am in love with our new selection of aromatherapy necklaces. If you suffer from stress and like to have a little bit of aromatherapy with these are stunning! just add your chosen oils and also wear a lovely necklace!

We also have some super crystals in new carvings. Kunzite I have not seen in such large points and the apatite is so blue green! 

I also got in more of my favourite moonstone rings. I have one myself! so cute! 

A rare crystal only found in one region - Elestial Sceptre Amethyst - have a good look at these - they have enhydros! Mega coolio. 


.Hope you love them! 

Clare the owner of the crystal shop, standing behind the till of the crystal shop next to a giant Amethyst geode
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