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We will now be doing FACEBOOK live sales. These are different from our normal LIVES, as you can actually buy the items on the LIVE. 


Follow our FACEBOOK page and claim exclusive Deals and Offers.

1. Choose your crystals in the Facebook live sale on specified days. 

2. "Claim" on Facebook by commenting with the phrase "Claim & product code". Details on how this works below. 

3. Check out your bundle on our webste.We will have your own wee basket set up within 48 hours. 

4. Receive your crystals in the post.

(scroll down to read more detailed info)

The next FACEBOOK LIVE sale will be May 6th Friday 5:30pm

How Facebook LIVE works:

To buy a crystal message  ‘sold’ or ‘claim’ followed by the letters or numbers or name of that crystal: 

eg: ‘mine x’ or ‘sold  3’ or claim amethyst point 1

Please specify which crystal you are buying and make it clear that you are definitely buying  rather than saying you like it 

Which ever Message comes up first on my phone will be the buyer of that crystal. You will be messaged back within 24 hours to confirm purchase. 

After you have claimed your crystals, we will be add a wee personalised pay button for the piece (or  bundle of crystals ) under your name where you can complete the purchase. This will be on this page on the website. 

The website accepts all card types, Apple Pay, PayPal or interest free clearpay. You can choose your delivery option and add details on our website. 

Everything will be sent by Royal Mail 

Worldwide delivery is available 

UK delivery is free over £20

Please be aware of the following happy rules:

  • First person to say "SOLD" and the item on our screen gets the item. We often see the comments in a different order on our screen to you, please don't be upset if you miss out because of this. When you claim a crystal that is an agreement to buy that crystal, it is not a reservation.

  • Please do not swap items. It means other customers will miss out and it can cause disappointment. 

  • Claiming an item is a commitment to purchase, do not say "SOLD" unless you are certain on the item

  • If you request a closer look, we may not get back to your before it has been claimed. These items will go quickly, as they are on a flash sale. So if you really like an item, only a claim will guarantee an item.

  • After the live sale your personal basket will be listed on our website to purchase. That way you can earn Basket Points as well as use part payment options if you’d like. 

  • Payment is expected within 48 hours, unless arranged prior to the live sale. FREE shipping if you pay within 24 hours or have over £20 of items. 

  • If you are purchasing from us for the first time, please send us a DM on Facebook after the sale ends. Some settings on Facebook don't allow us to contact you and send an invoice until you've contacted us.

  • If you would like to, we can hold your basket and ship items all together. To do so you'll need to pay shipping with the first order and let us know to hold the order. We'll record this and will check with you after each subsequent purchase if you want your goods shipped.

  • Live sales should be a fun interaction between us and you, we have specific items set aside to show in live sales, but if you're looking for a special piece let us know and we'll see if we have one we can show you.

If you have chosen crystals in the FACEBOOK LIVE  then you can come to FACEBOOK LIVE BASKET and find your name on the LIVE SALE BASKET page. 


 Here you can pay for the crystals chosen. Please pay within 48 hours to secure crystals. 

Thank you so much.

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