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Howlite is a stone to dispel anger and aggression, not just in yourself but in others around you. If you have issues at work or tension in relationships, this is a good stone to help you let go of resentment and annoyance. I find this stone is very good for teenagers and children who struggle with their emotions. To be held or worn, it reminds them to breath and let go of strong feelings. 

Cool Facts: Howlite is a porous and opaque stone that is frequently dyed blue or green, in order to resemble that of the turquoise, or even red to appear like a coral. Very popular for faking turquoise. If you find "turquoise" cheap, then its likely to be Howlite. Turquoise is rare and very special so really should have a higher price tag. So watch out! We have coloured Howlite on the website but its called "Howlite" or "turquenite."

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