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Crystals for beltane

Beltane is the third Sabbat of the year and is traditionally celebrated by Wiccans, Neo-Pagans and those who follow Celtic belief systems, however it is closely linked to the May day festival that we might all be a bit more familiar with.

Beltane is all about celebrating the joy of life as we come to the peak of spring and the beginning of summer, a time of fertility and abundance. I have hand selected some crystals that you can use in your celebrations (if you celebrate) or use simply to bring some of that abundant joy and energy into the coming months.

CARNELIAN: The ultimate crystals for bringing passion and positivity into your life! As we move into the warmer months, things tend to get busier and energy levels can get depleted. This crystal will also help with enhancing your sociability if you find your social battery running a little low.

TIGERS EYE: Have you been working on your self esteem lately? Tigers eye is a great choice for helping to boost your confidence level and make you feel more self assured. This can help bring the zest back to your day to day life.

MALACHITE: As we come into summer we can feel a shift physically, emotionally and socially and this wonderful crystal will help with times of change and alteration. Used by various cultures for thousands of years this stone can also be used as an amulet of protection.

MOSS AGATE: Beltane is closely related to mother earth so Moss Agate is an excellent choice for helping to connect to nature and has gentle grounding energy- perfect to use in meditation (bonus if you can do said meditation outside!)

ORANGE CALCITE: Like a shot of pure vitamin D this sunny crystal (many people compare it to frozen orange juice) helps to amplify positive energy, works to cleanse your chakras and brings joy, happiness and humour.

MOOKAITE: Feeling unsure about future endeavours? This is a great crystal for helping to aid decision making to make the path a little clearer. This is also thought to be healing for the skin, helping with vitamin D absorption.

JADE NEPHRITE: A stone of health and abundance, nephrite Jade emits a calming energy, helping to turn negativity into positivity, it also helps to stabilise emotions so a great stone to keep near you daily.

You might be asking: how do I use these crystals?

If you create a seasonal Sabbat altar these can be a great addition for Beltane, even if you have no designated altar, adding a few of these stones to your crystal collection will help bring these energies into your life. As I have explained in a previous post these crystals would also be great choices for setting your intentions, affirmations and manifestations at this time of year. Carrying these crystals with you daily or using them in meditation are also great choices for bringing these energies into your life. Finally, for something a bit different, place some of these crystals in the soil of a plant pot to help your plants soak in some crystal energy, boosting growth.

Thank you so much for reading and however you choose to celebrate we all hope you have a fabulous Beltane!

Love & Light

- The Crystal Shop


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