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June's Crystal and Astrological Dates Including the Strawberry Full Moon

Here is a quick overview of all the wonderful crystal related and astrological dates of the month including information about the Strawberry Full Moon, the Pagan Sabbat Litha and crystal recommendations for all!

Full Moon & Celtic Zodiac

This month's full moon is on June 3rd and is known as the Strawberry Full Moon. It gets its name from Native American tradition as June is the time for gathering ripe strawberries. June can be a wonderful time of abundance and joy, this invigorating energy can be great for getting creative and planning future endeavours.

This month's Celtic Tree Zodiac are both Hawthorn ( May 13th to June 9th) and Oak ( June 10th to July 7th). If you are born under the Hawthorn sign you are said to be quick witted, knowledgeable, attentive with an excellent memory. if you were born under the Oak sign you are said to be extremely caring, loving to be surrounded by friends and family, with a strong personal outlook.

Our three crystal recommendations for this time are Strawberry Calcite (for the Full Strawberry Moon), Amazonite (for the Hawthorn zodiacs creative passion) and Lepidolite (for the Oak zodiacs need for stability).

Strawberry Calcite can be found here

Amazonite point can be found here

Lepidolite palmstone can be found here


For this months birthstone there is a selection of three different "crystals" either Moonstone, Pearl or Alexandrite. Usually there is one traditional birthstone but this month you have your pick of three. See which one calls to you the most or which ones properties seem to speak to you.

Blue Rainbow Moonstone Sterling Silver Necklace can be found here

Pearls can be found here, these can be popped in a spiral necklace if you would like to wear them


The two traditional Zodiacs of the month are Gemini with Gemini season running from May 20th to June 20th and Cancer with Cancer season running from June 21st to July 22nd.

Geminis are said to be curious, romantic, playful, friendly individuals. As an air sign they can be extremely creative but also prone to daydreaming. Our three crystal recommendations for Geminis are Agate, Moonstone and Pearl. Get all three of these crystals in our Gemini Crystal Sets.

Gemini crystal zodiac set can be found here

Cancerians are said to be highly intuitive, nurturing, sensitive, compassionate and loving, they can sometimes need a little more reassurance particularly around love and friendship. Our three crystal recommendations for Cancer are Calcite, Rhodonite and Rose Quartz. They can all be found in our Cancer Zodiac crystal sets

Cancer set can be found here


Litha is a Paga sabbath that makes up one of the eight celebrations on the wheel of the year. Litha occurs on the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and celebrates the height of the sun and the beginning of summer and the abundance of this time. The Ancient Celts celebrated Litha with giant hilltop Bonfires and lots of dancing and celebrating. For modern Pagans, Litha is a day of celebrating the light, inner power and brightness. For this reason our crystal recommendation for this celebration, which you might want to include in any rituals or shellwork or mindfulness practices you have planned for the day, is Tigers Eye. A crystal of the Solar Plexus chakra, our reservoir for inner light and will, Tigers Eye is a crystal of confidence and power and so goes great with the themes of Litha. We also recommend powerful orange Calcite, an energising crystal that can help re charge your batteries as you celebrate.

Tigers Eye goddess carving can be found here

Orange Calcite can be found here

We hope you enjoyed reading this post and have lots of fun plans for the month ahead! Remember the full moon is an excellent time to cleanse and re charge your crystals, just leave them out overnight on the night of a full moon and let them bathe in the moonlight all night!

Love & Light

-The Crystal Shop


P.S If you read this far use code CRYSTALS10 for 10% off anything on our website!

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