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May's Crystal and Astrological Dates of the Month Including the Flower Full Moon and Beltane

Here is a little round up of the crystal and astrological dates of the month of May including the birthstone, zodiac, full moon dates, this month's Sabbat- Beltane and more!

Full Moon & Celtic Zodiac

This months full moon is on May 5th and is known as the Flower full moon as we are finally getting into the season when flowers are beginning to bloom in full force. It is also known as the Budding Moon and Planting moon, making it clear that this is the time for growth, abundance and new life.

This months Celtic Tree Zodiac is both the Willow and the Hawthorn (if you celebrate your birthday in May check out the infographic to see which Celtic Tree Zodiac you belong to). If you are born under the Willow tree sign you are said to be intuitive, creative, mysterious and deeply rooted. If you are born under the Hawthorn sign you are said to be quick witted, knowledgeable, attentive with an excellent memory.

Our three crystal recommendations for this Full Moon and Celtic Tree Zodiac are: Flower Agate: for creativity and gentle joy, Kunzite for releasing negativity and stagnant energy and Rose Quartz for inviting love and compassion.

Flower Agate star bowl here

Kunzite point available here

Rose Quartz available here


This months Birthstone is Emerald, a crystal associated with your heart chakra. It is a crystal that has been closely tied to human practices and rituals for thousands of years, being seen as immensely powerful and precious. Due to it's associations with the heart chakra it is said to open your emotional centre, calming overwhelming emotions and promoting peace and balance.

Emerald Sterling Silver ring available here

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The two traditional Zodiacs of the month are Taurus with Taurus season running from April 20th to May 20th and Gemini with Gemini season running from May 20th to June 20th

Taurians are thought to be very loyal and practical as well as being very creative and dependable. As an earth sign they are thought to be very grounded, offering a very dependable energy and great advice. Our three crystal recommendations for Taurians are Rose Quartz, Selenite and Emerald. Get all three crystals in our Taurus Zodiac set.

Geminis are said to be curious, romantic, playful, friendly individuals. As an air sign they can be extremely creative but also prone to daydreaming. Our three crystal recommendations for Geminis are Agate, Moonstone and Pearl. Get all three of these crystals in our Gemini Crystal Sets

Gemini Crystal Set available here


Beltane is the third Sabbat of the year and is traditionally celebrated on 1st of May (or evening before) by Wiccans, Neo-Pagans and those who follow Celtic belief systems, however it is closely linked to the May day festival that we might all be a bit more familiar with.

Beltane is all about celebrating the joy of life as we come to the peak of spring and the beginning of summer, a time of fertility and abundance. I have hand selected some crystals that you can use in your celebrations (if you celebrate) or use simply to bring some of that abundant joy and energy into the coming months.

This year we reccommend Moss agate, Sunstone, Garnet, Carnelian and Flower Agate as excellent crystals to use in this time. If you create a seasonal Sabbat altar these can be a great addition for Beltane, even if you have no designated altar, adding a few of these stones to your crystal collection will help bring these energies into your life, you may also wish to mediate or spend a mindful minute with them.

Moss Agate Moon available here

Sunstone available here

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We hope you enjoyed reading this post and have lots of fun plans for the month ahead! Remember the full moon is an excellent time to cleanse and re charge your crystals, just leave them out overnight on the night of a full moon and let them bathe in the moonlight all night!

Love & Light

-The Crystal Shop


P.S If you read this far use code CRYSTALS10 for 10% off anything oh our website!

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