Dream Chevron Amethyst Chevron Slices


Chevron Amethyst is from Zambia and has complex mostly banded patterns of Amethyst, white Quartz and  Morion to Smokey quartz. This has been cut into slices which have been expertly selected to show the beautiful and often complex internal patterns of the material. The patterns exposed show primarily triangular shapes, else more complex pentagon like shapes.

Also known as Dream Amethyst as it is said to assist in remembering and understanding dreams and relieving insomnia.


Third Eye Chakra



Stone of Peace 

Composition: SiO2


Healing: Bestows stability and peace. Soothes and calms. Eases headaches and aids sleep. Helps with hearing disorders. Eases compulsive behaviour. Prevents against psychic attack.

Amethyst Chevron Window slice

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