Amethyst  Point with smokey Quartz and Phantoms.

Highly protective. 

Stone of Peace 

Composition: SiO2


Healing: Bestows stability and peace. Soothes and calms. Eases headaches and aids sleep. Helps with hearing disorders. Eases compulsive behaviour. Prevents against psychic attack.


Phantom quartz is a variety of quartz that forms over pre-existing crystals. The included crystal is visible due to some variation in composition making the boundary of the included crystal visible. Such crystals display the outlines of numerous smaller crystals, known as phantoms These Phantoms are from Brazil. 


Healing: Rare and mystical phantoms, helps us to use our past experienecs to move forward. Acknowledging our strenghts and letting go of past traumas. Meditating with phantom quartz brings clarity and strenght. Can aid depression and give more postive perspective on life. Tansformative crystal, it can bring tranquility and peace to chaos. 

Amethyst Violet Point with Smokey Quartz Phantom