Boji Stones with certificate of Authenticity. 

Rare and specialist. Never buy without the certificate of authenticity!


Healing: Excellent grounding stone used to relieve discomfort. Balances ones body and energy fields, removes energy blockages


Details from the Certifcate below.

'Boji Stones were created as our earth was being created, and thus are as old as the earth itself. The balanced energy joins with the elements and powers that formed the earth also formed the Boji. Thus the Boji became a container for the energies of balance. The Bojis are found around the bottom of a natural earth pyramid several stories high. They are uncovered as the earth erodes from them, and are found growing on stems. Geologists say this pyramid is on the heart of the United States. Bojis are a total blend of fossil. They are 7.4 hardness. Unlike any other stone, they are held together by the energy within. If the energy in a Boji is depleted or destroyed, the stone changes molecule structure from 7.4 to dust. Geologists find that this is a most unusual aspect of the Boji stone. Boji® is a trademark name since 1972. It is a Boji only if it comes from Boji®, Inc. From Boji®, Inc. you are getting a living Boji with the energy activated.' excerpted from a pamphlet Channeled and written by Karen and Jerry Gillespie Creator and Guardian of Boji.

Boji Stones with Certificate of Authenticity






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