Give the gift of Crystal healing.

Many sets to choose from: 

Creativity, Calm, Love, Energy, Luck, Loss, Friendship, Fertility, and Protection.  



Fluorite is a stone for creative people and for study. It helps you to focus and concentrate which many creative types struggle with. Discourages disruptive and disorganised growth. Brings order to chaos. Encourages health and emotional well-being.


Pyrite enhances memory & intellect.  Brings luck and good fortune. Increases physical strengthen and stamina. Benefits asthmatics and increases lung capacity. 


Silvery metallic Hematite is a stone for anxiety, Eases blood pressure & stress. Enhances mental clarity, memory & original thinking. Increases iron absorption into the body.


Keep these crystals close to you in a pocket or by your bed.

All the crystals are 20-30mm in size. Due to the nature of the product colours may vary.

Crystal Healing Box STUDY






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