Master Reiki Crystal set 

Crystals: Amethyst Point, Tiger Eye Tumblestone, Rose Quartz Tumblestone, Carnelian tumblestone, Obsidian tumblestone, Howlite Tumblestones, Aventurine Tumblestone.


"The Reiki Stone": Apophyllite point. One of the Zeolite family.Use this stone to amply your reiki and protect you when you are healing others. Etheral crystal which resonates powerfully. The vibration it eminates is absolutely beautiful and it is aconduit for pure, Universal healing energy. Place dircetly on the client or under the therapy bed/chair. Helps to calm and enhance the healing effects. 


Optional Extra:

Clear Quartz "Master Healer" Pendant & waxed cord: Use during healing and then wear. 


Included: Chinese coin of prosperity and protection & organza Pouch.


QUARTZ Stone of Power

Healing: Master Healer. Can amplify, focus, store and transfer energy. Clears blockages and dissipates negative energy. Stimulates the memory and clears the mind. Treats chronic fatigue, arthritis, bone injuries, depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and intestinal troubles

ROSE QUARTZ Stone of Love.

Healing: Dissipates negative emotions, replacing them with forgiveness & compassion. Calms children. Reduces blood pressure and heals kidneys, adrenals and lungs. Increase fertility and protects from miscarriage.

AMETHYST Stone of Peace.

Healing: Bestows stability and peace. Soothes and calms. Eases headaches and aids sleep. Helps with hearing disorders. Eases compulsive behaviour. Prevents against psychic attack

AVENTURINE Stone of healing 

“All-round healer” which soothes & heals. Keeps one balanced during times of stress or turmoil. 

OBSIDIAN Stone of Comfort

Shields against negativity. Protective, stabilizing internal & external energies. Brings purity & balance.


Healing: An energy amplifier. Helps to heal the physical body and cleanse all the chakras. Enhances sociability and brings joy, happiness and humour. Good healer for digestion problems and IBS. Has a clearing effect on the chakras, and is particularly healing for the reproductive and digestive systems

HOWLITE Stone of communication.

Healing: Discourages rage and impoliteness. Balances calcium levels helping teeth & bones.
Howlite is an aid to insomnia, especially when caused by an overactive mind.

TIGERS EYE Stone of confidence

Healing: Brings self worth, integrity & the ability to find ones inner strength. Stabilises moods and increases will power. Promotes confidence. Heals broken bones and alleviates pain and tension.

JASPER RED Stone of protection

Spiritually and emotionally grounding red jasper reduces worry and encouragestaking responsibility for oneself. It facilitates in dream recall and encourages progressive health.

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