Enhydro Crystal is a Quartz or Agate stone that contains bubbles of water inside.

These bubbles of water got trapped inside the crystal as the crystal was growing. An air pocket is present in the crystal, causing the water bubble to move up and down right within the pocket.

Other Enhydro Crystals also have water bubbles inside them, but they are usually stationary.

This does not make them any less beautiful and amazing, though.They can also contain petroleum and other debris, which enhances their beauty only more.

These crystals usually grow in or around water tables. They form in skeletal layers and then trap the water inside the crystal. Enhydro Crystals contain water that’s over a hundred million years old!

Enhydro is taken from the Greek word meaning ‘as water within’. This crystal is also called Bubble Quartz.


Enhydro crystals are used for cleansing and purifying. Helps with a new start and realising your true potential. The power of pure water enhances all psychic abilities and clarity of thought. 


Large Enhydro: Water containing Enhydro

Small Enhydro: Oil and Water containing Enhydro


It is the purest form of Water and air in the world., Check out my youtube video about them here:








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