Stone of the Amazon and Amazonians 

Composition: KAlSi3O8


Healing: Useful in rectifying calcium deficiency and resisting tooth decay and osteoporosis. Helps alleviate muscle spasms, relieves stress and exhaustion. Will help calm emotions and nerves. Helps enhance creativity and artistic expression. Use in spells, rituals, and meditation to ground, and to inspire creativity. Stone of courage. Connect to your inner warrior spirit. 


Cool Facts:This beautiful gem is sometimes called “Amazon Stone”. It’s named after the Amazon River in Brazil where it was first believed to have been discovered thousands of years ago. Although there are no Amazonite deposits in the Amazon itself. Amazonite is known as a stone of courage and therefore it is more likely to originate form the Amazonian Warrior Women and their courageous spirit. 

Gemstone Chip bracelets: Amazonite






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