For many of us, as we go into another lockdown, this brings back anxiety and stress into our lives and home. On the few occasions we venture out for essential trips, we can be faced with fear and tension, and we can find it difficult to keep negative energy from our homes.


If you also have to work from home, or have home schooling it is good to clear your sacred space, your beloved home, of negativity and anxiety which builds up.

Here is a list of crystals for clearing your space, protecting from negativity and creating a productive and safe space for the whole family.

I have also a wee list of crystals for homeschooling and work, to aid concentration and focus, while releasing some of that anxiety and panic.


Included: Amethyst Cluster, Selenite wand ,Tourmaline rough, Tumbled stones: Fluorite, Howlite, Rhodonite, Sage pouch.


Add incense for £2.99


Amethyst is a calming crystal that can really help reduce anxiety and stress. Place this crystal next to each bed, and it will aid sleep but also reduce stress and keep the bedroom as a room of peace and tranquility.


Selenite is an incredibly grounding stone. So when everything seems out of control it can help to quieten the mind and promote optimism. Excellent to have in the body of the home, where the family spends the most time and is the most busy.


Fluorite is a stone for concentration and study, so excellent for homeschooling and working from home. It discourages disruptive and disorganised growth and brings order to chaos. It encourages health and emotional well-being while also for winter illness, boosting the immune system, and strengthens respiratory tract. Keep this stone where you study or work.


Rhodonite can clear the mind of worry, giving confidence and self-esteem. It relieves pressure in social, family and working life. This can help with the pressures of juggling so many jobs at once. Allows you to let go of anxieties.


Tourmaline is an incredibly powerful protection stone. It repels and protects against negativity. Increasing emotional stability, it calms nerves and induces a tranquil sleep. If placed at the entrance of the home it repels any negativity form reentering the home from outside. Keeping your home clear of fear and stress from the outside world.


Howlite helps to discourage rage and inpoliteness. This is great for the whole family when struggling with controlling their anger or frustation. Especially good for teenagers and the emotional anxiety that they suffer. Using crystals in your home is really helpful for creating a calming environment.

Children particularly respond really well to crystals and their energies.


There are a few other tips for keeping your home calm and clear of negativity and stress during this time.


Sage: Every month it is important to Smudge your home tocreate a safe and calm enviroment.. Smudging is great for energetic cleansing of your home, living and healing spaces.This smudge is all about protecting yourself from electromagnetic pollution and negative energy, clearing your home and starting fresh.


Incense: It is also good to burn incense regularly. Not only will your home smell beautiful, but it helps to cleanse your home daily and dissipate any negativity that built up in the day before. Incense can be used to cleanse and clear your crystals, your environment and you. The smoke dissipates any negative energy and your home will feel clearer!


Lovely lockdown box filled with stunning crystals to bring well being, health and happiness.


Bring well-being into your home!

Lockdown Tranquility Box






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