SAMHAIN KITNEW BEGINNINGS - PROTECTION - CONNECTION - REFLECTION Samhain is the Celtic and Pagan New Year. A time of reflection and of new beginnings. A time of connection to lost loved ones, It is the moment when the veil between this world and the ethereal realms are the thinnest and therefore a perfect time to speak with your ancestors and connect with previous generations.Sage: Light the sage and then immediately blow out the flame, so the sage is smoking. Take in a dish to each corner of your home. Relight if necessary. Crystals: Merlinite is a magical stone of Wiccans and mystics. The shaman stone will connect you to your ancestors and feel open to the powerful realms as they move closer. Dragon Stone is an ancient magical crystal. Stone for new beginnings and excellent for connecting to our guides.brings courage and strength for the new year.Very protective. Moonstone is a stone for the new moon, fresh starts, transition and celebrating the cycles of life. “Stargazer Stone” Labradorite helps one to connect to loved ones through the stars and increases psychic abilities. Red Jasper is the Pictish protection stone and is incredibly grounding. Grounds the root chakra and bonds you to the earth.

Samhain Crystal Kit






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