Magnificent High quality Wavellite.

Composition: Al3(PO4)2(OH)3 · 5(H2O)


This is rare formation and a brilliant example of the formation of Wavelite fan formation. Similar to the Cavansite crystallite wave. See cool facts below.


Healing: Guiding stone, this radiates love and helps with troubling or difficult times during a relationship. Can be used at home or in a work place to turn resentment into love and compassion. Aids healing of the heart and increases blood circulation and regulates blood pressure. Linked to the Heart Chakra and can balance your emotional self. Learn to love oneself. 


Cool Facts: Wavellite is a classic radiating mineral, forming spectacular pinwheel aggregates emanating from a central core in spherulitic balls. When the balls are complete, the radial structure is internal and not usually visible. A crystal aggregate needs to be fractured to see and appreciate the outstanding radial habit of Wavellite. Wavellite was named in 1805 after William Wavell, an English physician who first discovered this mineral.







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