Well-being box. 

Lovely hand carved wooden box filled with stunning crystals to bring well being, health and happiness. 

Pyrite: Increases physical strengthen and stamina. Benefits asthmatics and increases lung capacity. Protects against danger & toxins, enhances memory & intellect.

Quartz Geode: Master Healer. Can amplify, focus, store and transfer energy. Clears blockages and dissipates negative energy. Stimulates the memory and clears the mind. Treats chronic fatigue, arthritis, bone injuries, depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and intestinal troubles.

Mini Buddha: Rub Buddhas tummy and head to bring good luck and fortune. Brings wealth into the household 

Good luck coin: Place in your purchase so the good fortune is boundless. 

Incense Cone: light this to cleanse your home and crystals.

Hand carved wooden chest: Keep all your crystals in here, or buy lots more and collect them in your wee treasure chest. 

Bring well-being into your home!

Wee Well-being Box (small)






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