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Crystal Displays- Showing Off your crystal displays

A little while ago we asked you to send in some pictures of how you like to display your crystals at home and we were so overwhelmed by the response! Thank you to everyone who sent pictures in, it was so interesting to see how everyone decided to display their crystals whether it was a huge collection or a small collection!

We hope this can give you some inspiration when thinking about creating wonderful crystal spaces/altars in your home and workplaces!

We have kept the names of the owners of the pictures anonymous for privacy reasons, however if you would like to be credited please let us know and we will pop your name in under the picture!

A truly jaw dropping collection! Just look at those incredible crystal skulls and carvings!

An ingenious storage method- inside a vintage printing tray!

A rainbow of crystals! Perfect space for meditation or sound healing

A whole chest full of crystal goodness!

This crystal corner feels very zen!

A very impressive collection, particularly love the selenite athame!

Perfect simplicity- such a calming display!

My eyes are immediately drawn to that fabulous malachite free form, love the incorporation of selenite into this display!

Crystal towers all in a line! Also spot that amazing Jade Rabbit keeping watch!

How cute is this? Proof that you only need the tiniest of spaces to show off your crystals!

What a stunning Amethyst Geode! Also love the organisation of crystals in the bowls/plates!

They are watching you haha! Super cool crystal skull display

A display fit for a crystal shop!

A big thank you again to everyone who sent in images! If yours was not included or you have more to share with us we will definitely be doing this again soon. Such a great way to get some crystal display inspiration.

As a thank you for reading this far and for sending in your pictures please use this cheeky discount code for some money off your next purchase! CRYSTALS10

Love & Light

-The Crystal Shop


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