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Known as "The Holy Grail Stone"


Moldavite is a member of the Tektite group of natural glasses formed from interplanetary collisions. From the Greek word tektos, meaning "molten". Essentially a tektite is the material which fuses and is sent flying by the blast field of a meteorite hitting the planet. Moldavite is particularly special because it was formed during the impact of a giant meteorite in Nördlinger Ries around 14,700,000 years ago, which heated the terrestrial material so intensely, it evaporated and then cooled in the air, returning to the earth as green raindrops of Moldavite. It is believed the tektite terrestrial material fused with extraterrestrial material during this impact, and caused Moldavite to have the distinctive forest green colour and have such incredible shapes and textures. 


Moldavite is incredibly rare. There are a significant number of fake moldavites on the market right now, We source our moldavite very carefully using over 20 years of experience and knowledge. We have sold moldavite for decades and can guarantee its authenticity. 

Composition: SiO2 (+ Al2O3)

It is a natural glass composed of silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide and other metal oxides. It has a Mohs hardness rating is 5.5 - 6. The color ranges from a deep forest green to pale apple green, some are greenish brown. In rough form, it has a distinct rippled surface. 



Grade: All Moldavite is rare. Although some pieces are higher quality than others. The grading comes from the texture, and translucency and feathering of the piece. 

When grading the Moldavites, it is affected by shape and size. With the rarest Moldavite being dumbbell shaped. 

AAA Grade = Museum eg. Dumbell Shapes, Stand alone pieces, Perfect feathering

AA Grade = High eg. Tear Drops, Round and stand alone pieces. Distinctive Rippling

A Grade = Medium eg Smaller Irregular shapes but with good texture

B Grade = Regular eg Chips and cloudy pieces. 

Factors which increase the price include weights over 20 grams, rare localities which have become mined out (e.g. Besednice), primary shapes (e.g. drops, disks, rods, dumbbells), premium textures (e.g. Hedgehogs or snow flakes) and rare features.

Size: Please note the dimensions and size of this item in the pictures. This is an incredibly rare and powerful stone. It has very high price due to its rarity. This is geniune Moldavite and you can know for 100% certain of its authenticity. Comes with authencity declaration.


Interesting fact: The biggest moldavite ever discovered was found in Slavic in the Czech Republic, weighing 265.5 grams.

This is a very rare stone. 

We normally have lots a lots in stock but the market has been wiped out because of its tiktok popularity.




Indochinite named after the region of occurrence - the former French colonies of Indochina (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia) plus Thailand and southern China.Vietnam tektites are part of the Indochinite strewnfield. These tektites are among the rarer of the Indochinite tektites from the mainland of southeast Asia. Vietnam tektites are similar to the specimens from other areas but they have differences in texture

Healing: Indochinite is a known as a moldavite for our time. Powerful transformation stone, it takes you on an ethereal journey to find self and ground you to this planet. Incredibly takes you into the stars for guidance and a wonderful stone to bring your life into balance and rid you of toxic people and things.

Clears all the chakras and cantering about very intense changes but is easier to work with than moldavite. Do not underestimate this stone. It is from fused with material from another planet. 

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