Moldavite is an extraterrestrial crystal! Moldavite is a tektite stone that’s rare worldwide, and it’s only found in the Czech republic. The crystals are known to have high frequencies and intense vibrations, and it got its name from its source of origin; the Moldau River. You have probably heard of the different ideologies that people have about the Moldavite crystals; some claim that the high frequency offers the wearer some form of power, while others claim that the crystals serve as a catalyst that attracts light in a person’s life. 

Healing: An extra terrestrial mineral. Cleanses all the chakras. Connects to other dimensions. A mysterious stone of great power. Heart chakra cleanser. 


Wearing Moldavite can sometimes be a little intense for some people. Use Selenite, Boji stones or obsidian to ground yourself. Dont be afraid of Moldavite, it just build your time up with it. If you need to take a break, trust yourself. It is a powerful stone. Use Herkimer Diamonds to amplify Moldavite. 

This is a very rare stone. 

We normally have lots a lots in stock but the market has been wiped out because of its tiktok popularity. We have some coming in - so just let me know if you want on the waiting list. 



Indochinite named after the region of occurrence - the former French colonies of Indochina (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia) plus Thailand and southern China.Vietnam tektites are part of the Indochinite strewnfield. These tektites are among the rarer of the Indochinite tektites from the mainland of southeast Asia. Vietnam tektites are similar to the specimens from other areas but they have differences in texture

Healing: Indochinite is a known as a moldavite for our time. Powerful transformation stone, it takes you on an ethereal journey to find self and ground you to this planet. Incredibly takes you into the stars for guidance and a wonderful stone to bring your life into balance and rid you of toxic people and things.

Clears all the chakras and cantering about very intense changes but is easier to work with than moldavite. Do not underestimate this stone. It is from fused with material from another planet.