Frequently asked questions

Are your crystals real?

Yes! Alll our crystals are real gemstones. We source the highest quality and grade from across the world just for you!

Can you help me choose crystals?

Yes! Just send an email or message us on facebook and we can give you a comprehensive list of crystals that would be perfect just for you.

Do you have other crystals?

Yes! We have a comprehensive selection of crystals, with over 1500 different types, rarities, carvings, jewellery and much more. You can find more crystals on our larger website www.crystalshopscotland.co.uk or facebook @crystalshopUK. Or just message if you have specific crystals in mind.

How do crystals work?

All crystals resonante because of the intense temperature and pressures they are created under. These frequencies coming off the crystals interact with the body and can help the body to regulate certain systems. Crystals can help calm and cleanse the mind and body. Try it! you won't be disappointed.