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July's Crystal and Astrological Dates Including the Super Buck Full Moon

Here is a quick overview of all the wonderful crystal related and astrological dates of the month including information about the Super Buck Full Moon the first supermen of the year- this means it appears a little brighter and bigger in the sky compared to other full moons with some considering it more powerful as well.

Full Moon & Celtic Zodiac

This month's full moon is on July 3rd and is known as the Buck full moon. It gets its name from Native American tradition as this is the time when male deers antlers reach their full growth. This extra special full moon is the first super moon of the year, with super moons orbiting closer to the earth than other full moons meaning they appear bigger and brighter in the sky with some believing this makes them more powerful, particularly when it comes to cleansing and charging your crystals or incorporating the full moon into your practice.

This month's Celtic Tree Zodiac are both Oak ( June 9th to July 7th) and Holly ( July 7th to August 4th). If you were born under the Oak sign you are said to be extremely caring, loving to be surrounded by friends and family, with a strong personal outlook. If you were born under the Holly sign you are said to be friendly and approachable, taking well to academia and often being intellectually gifted.

Our three crystal recommendations for this time are Malachite (for the Buck Full Moon- helping prepare you for times of change and transition), Lepidolite (for the Oak zodiacs need for stability) and Fluorite (to aid the Holly zodiacs studious nature).

Malachite slice can be found here

Fluorite point can be found here

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July's birthstone is the wonderful Ruby, a crystal of the root chakra that is associated with nourishing and rejuvenating energies that are said to help ground you while uplifting your energy levels.

Ruby and Fuchsite point available here


The two traditional Zodiacs of the month are Cancer with Cancer season running from June 21st to July 22nd and Leo with Leo season running from July 23rd to August 22nd

Cancerians are said to be highly intuitive, nurturing, sensitive, compassionate and loving, they can sometimes need a little more reassurance particularly around love and friendship. Our three crystal recommendations for Cancer are Calcite, Rhodonite and Rose Quartz. They can all be found in our Cancer Zodiac crystal sets

Cancer set can be found here

Leo's are said to be warm, outgoing, sincere and noble although can sometimes struggle to pick up other people's emotions and feelings. Our three crystal recommendations for Leo's are Aventurine, Tigers Eye and Peridot. You can find all three in our Leo Zodiac sets

Neptune Retrograde

Phases of retrogrades are usually times of introspection, with this specific retrograde highlighting our reality and revealing truths we may have been avoiding. Retrogrades usually get a bad rep, but during this time when our realities are revealed to us, we can plan and implement changes to better our future.

Kunzite can be a great crystal to keep with you during this time of retrograde (that lasts until December 6th) as it is a stone that is said to help alleviate fear while emitting energies of peace and balance, helping to clear away emotional blockages.

Kunzite bracelet can be found here

We hope you enjoyed reading this post and have lots of fun plans for the month ahead! Remember the full moon is an excellent time to cleanse and re charge your crystals, just leave them out overnight on the night of a full moon and let them bathe in the moonlight all night!

Love & Light

-The Crystal Shop


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