Stunning green gemstone with bands of green colour. Malachite is a mineral that forms at shallow depths within the Earth, in the oxidizing zone above copper deposits. 

This is a stone of guidance and is used when trying to make decisions. It can help clear your mind and see through the chaos. 


Healing: Alleviates physical pain or tightness. Reduces swelling and helps with arthritis related discomfort. Balances the body and can help with chronic illness. Helps in times of alteration and change. Clarifies emotions and eases responsibility

Cool facts: Malachite was adored by the Ancient Egyptians who began mining the green stone as early as 4000 BC. They used to ground the powder for eyeshadow and paint. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans believed malachite warded off evil spirits. It was often carved into amulets and has a long history of having protective qualities.