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Crystal Cleansing 101: Cleansing you Crystals with the Full Moon

You have your beautiful crystals and you have been using them a lot, maybe in your meditation practice or spellwork or even just as beautiful decoration around your home and then suddenly you feel like they are aren't working quite as well as they used to, maybe you feel their properties aren't quite as strong or you don't get the same feeling wearing them. For many, this is a sign that your crystals are in need of cleansing and charging to help restore them to their full potential. It is believed that crystals can pick up residual negative or unwanted energies in our day to day lives, dimming their power and potency. While there are many different crystal cleansing methods, one of the most popular and powerful is using the moonlight from a full moon! Read on to find out more...

Find the celestial carvings here and the moon goddess grid here

Moonlight has long been associated with magic, power and mystery and when the moon is at its fullest its strength is believed to be at its most potent. The Moonlight is thought to cleanse away any lingering negativity in your crystals as well as imbuing them with a vibration that will charge them. People will often look into the different meanings and properties of each moon to imbue those energies into their crystals. For instance, with the coming flower full moon, it carries energies of growth and manifestation which would charge your crystals with that specific intention and energy.

The next full moon is the Flower Full Moon on May 5th

We often get asked if its okay that the crystals are not placed under the moonlight directly, for instance if the weather outside is too wet and windy and they don't want to risk damage to their crystals is it okay to keep them inside. As long as the crystals are in the path of the moonlight, for instance in a windowsill, in a spot they can bathe in the moonlight all night, the effects will be the same. While it is believed that direct moonlight is more powerful, we would say its not worth risking damage to your crystals if the weather is too stormy, particularly if your crystals should not be exposed to water.

Don't forget to cleanse your crystal jewellery too!

The moonlight of a full moon remains one of the most popular methods of cleansing your crystal as all crystals can be cleansed with moonlight (which is not the case for all cleansing methods), sunlight will fade some specific crystal types (although remains a powerful cleanser and charger for other crystals) and the process is deeply tied to nature energies. The process can also be as involved as you like, whether or not you want to make a ritual out of this monthly event or just want to quickly place your crystals out in the moonlight, its a great method of cleansing your crystals and dissipating any lingering energies that no longer serve you!

We post about the full moon dates every month so you can keep up to date what days you can charge your crystals and what the properties of each moon is.

Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned as their are many other methods of crystal cleansing to be discussed

Love & Light

The Crystal Shop

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