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Crystals for Allergies / hay fever

While the spring is always a time of year I really look forward to, it also heralds the start of hay fever season meaning itchy eyes and runny noses all round! In order to alleviate this- other than the traditional methods- a little bit of a crystal helping hand can to help soothe some of the annoying symptoms!

Here is a little list of crystals great to keep near you during hay fever season!

LEPIDOLITE: Great for helping with stress and aiding relaxation it also works to strengthen the immune system while helping to detoxify-particularly the skin.

TOURMALINE: Works to gently detoxify the air, great for keeping in living spaces or near places you rest to keep the air clean.

CARNELIAN: Is an excellent stone for allergies as it helps the lungs, particularly with breathing difficulties if you find yourself a bit wheezy this time of year.

OBSIDIAN: Helps to absorb and clear negative energies including allergens from the environment, another great stone to have in the house or work spaces.

AQUAMARINE: Helps with sore throats and hay fever by working to strengthen the respiratory system

All of these stones can be worn in jewellery form, carried as tumbles, or kept in the house (raw form and carved form) to help alleviate the symptoms of allergies and hay fever!

Here is a little list of all the products mentioned if you want to take a look:

Love & Light

-The Crystal Shop

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