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Crystals for January's Full Moon: The Celtic Birch Moon

Last year I highlighted different crystal recommendations for the various traditional full moons and absolutely loved doing it and wanted to continue into the New Year and 2023 with even more recommendations. However, I wanted to explore something a bit different this year and landed on the idea of following the Celtic Lunar Tree Cycle or Calendar, examining the energy and associations each month and coming up with both an affirmation and of course crystal recommendations.

What is the Celtic Lunar Cycle?

It is a calendar based on the lunar cycles of the moon and their associations with the ancient Celtic alphabet of the Ogham- an alphabet which represents various trees and their symbology. While much of Celtic culture and beliefs have been lost to time, from the small amount of evidence we have, we believe the Celts perceived trees as sacred doorways to the underworld and heavens. The ancient Irish also believed that the spirits of their ancestors found their home in trees. Each tree has different associations and meaning and in this case have been paired with different stages and moon cycles of the year.

January full moon: Birch Moon

January's full moon is known as the "birch moon" and is associated with a time of rebirth, regeneration, magic and fertility. This is a time for new endeavours and adventures. The Birch tree is the first to grow back after forest fires and disaster. This symbolises strength, determination and resilience.

CRYSTAL recommendations

In this time of new beginnings and new adventures our energies can feel quite unstable, often we can feel overwhelmed and energetically tired from a bustling festive season. These crystals will help with harnessing both the energy of the Birch Full Moon and the general feeling of the month of January. (If you like the look of any of the products posted, just click the picture to visit it on our website).

clear quartz

Clear Quartz- also known as the Master Healer- is considered to be a powerfully healing crystal. It is said to help clear negative blockages as well as having the ability to store, focus and amplify positive energy. This makes it a great crystal to use when setting new goals and intentions and when trying to have a more positive outlook. It is particularly useful to keep in the home to ward off negative energies and amplify the properties of your other crystals.


Moonstone is often known as the crystal of new beginnings. Traditionally sailors would carry moonstone in their pocket to keep them safe before setting off on new voyages. What better crystal to have near you as we start off the new year. Moonstone is also considered to be a feminine stone, associated with the lunar cycle and all things to do with feminine energy. This does not mean that just those who identify with the label of "women" can use it. Anyone that wants to harness the energy traditionally associated with femininity including intuition, interconnectedness and nurturing energies can use Moonstone.

Blue Lace Agate

An inspirational and uplifting crystal, Blue Lace Agate is said to help build inner strength and bring clarity and confidence to your inner positive voice. It is also said to be helpful when recovering from burn out and exhaustion which makes it excellent for this time where it may feel like a lot of strength is needed to look ahead at the year before us, when we might not have a lot of energy left to spare. Carry some in your pocket, or wear in jewellery form to keep near you all day.

This month's affirmation is:

"I have everything I need to move forward"

During this time their can be a lot of pressure on us to feel like we need to change or do something drastic for the New Year. Many of us set goals and simply do not know where to begin or feel like we need to have or do things to even start. It's important to remind ourselves that to start on this journey, we already have everything we need within ourselves.

To see the full moon this year in the UK (which is traditionally called "The Wolf Moon") head outside on 6th of January from the afternoon onwards. Remember this is an excellent time to cleanse your crystals, leave them somewhere they can bathe in the moonlight all night to cleanse and charge them.

Also we are offering FREE SHIPPING throughout the month of January to customers in the UK, and by using the code CRYSTALS10 you can get an extra 10% off your order!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope the crystal recommendations and affirmation is helpful to you.

Love & Light

-The Crystal Shop


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