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Crystal How To's: How to Use Your Crystal Pendulum

People often approach us in the shop and say they have really been drawn to a crystal pendulum but they are unsure of how they are supposed to use them in their day to day life and practice. This little guide should give you some idea of how to traditionally use a pendulum and some other techniques to get the most out of this interesting little divinatory tool.

Find a pendulum that speaks to you

With so many different crystal types and styles of pendulum its important to find one that resonates with you and that you feel drawn to. You may wish to research what properties you think you most need in your life, what energy you want to bring into your practice, your birth or zodiac stones and pick a crystal according to one of these factors.

Find the Aventurine pendulum here

Find the Moonstone pendulum here

Cleanse and charge your pendulum

Before using your pendulum it is a good idea to cleanse it and charge it. You can cleanse your pendulum in a number of ways including using a smoke cleansing method and bathing the pendulum in smoke from incense, sage or Paulo Santo. Leaving it to soak in the moonlight from a full moon, placing it next to or in a Selenite bowl or dish or using a salt dish or water (just make sure to check your crystal is water/salt safe before using this method).

To charge you may wish to spend some time with the pendulum, holding it in your hands and repeating out loud or in your head your intentions and reasonings behind using it.

Pick a board or create one

When using pendulums for divination or decision making, boards can be a helpful way to make the whole process easier but they are not essential if you don't have one! To create a virtual board or divination space establish a connection with your pendulum and identify your "Yes" and "No." You need to learn what your body's "yes" and "no" responses are. To establish this quickly, hold the pendulum 6 - 8 inches above the palm of your hand. Begin to ask simple yes/no questions that you know the answers to and see what the responses are. I like to say "My name is..." Take note of what happens for each response. This will help you identify which side it will swing for yes and which side it will swing for no.

Our Tree of Life pendulum divination board can be found here

Asking the question

For both cases the next step is to ask your questions-this is the easy part, but you must keep in mind that the pendulum can only answer simple yes/no questions. If you ask something that isn't directly a yes or no, your answer won't be clear. A lot of the time this is a great insight into our true feelings in the matter, helping us tap into our intuition by identifying which answer you subconsciously want (and are happy by) and which answer you don't want (and are disappointed by)- particularly handy if you struggle to make decisions. Think of your pendulum as a guide to connecting to your inner self.

Other used of Pendulums

Pendulums are not just for divinatory practices, for many they can be a great tool for energy healing in practices such as Reiki. This is because-due to their shape- they are thought to channel energy efficiently. Select a pendulum with desired properties such as Tourmaline (for protection), Selenite (for cleansing) or Rose Quartz (for love) and hover the crystal above areas you wish to concentrate that energy. For example, many like to centre pendulums around their chakras- the energy centres of the body, selecting different crystals that correspond with each one as they are said to activate and open the different chakras.

Tourmaline pendulum available here (for protective energies)

7 Chakra Pendulum available here (for activating your Chakras column)

We hoped this helped and you now have a clear understanding of all the amazing uses for your crystal pendulum. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and we will be back again soon for more crystal guides

Love & Light

- The Crystal Shop


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