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Crystals for July's Super buck full moon

This month has a very exciting full moon as it will appear to be particularly bright and large, this is due to the fact it is a super full moon and will be the closest to the Earth when compared to any of the other monthly full moons. If you are in the UK take a look outside this evening to catch a glimpse of the brightest full moon of the year!

Of course this means that this is a particularly potent time energetically as we go into the new moon cycle so we have some wonderful crystal recommendations to help you on your way!

This full moon is named after the beautiful Buck (male deer) as this is the time when their Antlers grow to their largest. Spiritually it is believed this is a time of change, new challenges and growth. As we get ready to harvest this is thought of as a time to look back at past achievements as well as casting your eye forward towards new goals and ambitions.

To help you in this potentially turbulent time we are recommending some crystals that are often associated with protection: Smokey Quartz and Jade.

Smokey Quartz helps to dissolve negative energies and blockages and is great to keep with you during the day. If your future goal is to quit smoking or another similar addiction Smokey Quartz is said to help with this journey, aiding willpower.

Jade is often thought of as a talisman of luck and protection and has been used throughout history for its shielding properties as well as the good fortune it is said to supply. This gorgeous Nephrite Jade is said to aid in the transformation of negative feelings into positive ones as well as being clearing and stabilising.

For some grounding energy we recommend Selenite and Tree Agate.

Selenite is thought to be excellent at assisting meditative states and also works to cleanse you as well as other crystals and spaces of negative energy. This would be great if you are planning on cleansing your space or your room when you are setting new intentions and goals.

Tree Agate is of course associated with nature and will help you connect to this energy, during turbulent times reconnecting with nature can be extremely beneficial, helping to settle the mind and any worries.

As this is a time of change and transformation this can be quite stressful, with emotions running high, particularly as this is also a supermoon. To help soothe this stress and worry Labradorite is an excellent choice, it also aids in communication which is great for improving relationships in your life.

We hope you enjoyed these crystal recommendations for the Super Buck Full Moon, remember this is an excellent time to cleanse and charge your crystals. Just leave them overnight in a space where they will get to soak in the moonlight!

Love & Light

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