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Crystals for the October Hunters Full Moon 2022

This month's full moon is known as the Hunter's Full Moon! It gets its name from the fact it occurs around the period that hunters were encouraged to go out to collect and store prey for the long winter ahead. The hunters moon is always the next full moon after the Harvest Moon which occurs around the Autumnal Equinox. It is also known as the Sanguine or blood moon due to the changing colour of the leaves.

The month's full moon is all about preparing for the month ahead and the darker half of the year- think conserving your energy and taking stock of everything you have achieved so far. October is also considered to be the month where the veil between our realm and the spiritual or realm of the dead is at its thinnest, it's a time many people dedicate to honouring their ancestors and passed loved ones.

Keep your eyes peeled on the night of the 9th in the UK to view it and remember this is a great night to leave your crystals somewhere they can soak in the moonlight to help cleanse and charge them!

Here are our crystal recommendations for this Hunter Full Moon!

OBSIDIAN: Obsidian is a comforting and protective stone, often used in times of grief. It is also thought to aid spiritual communication meaning it can be an excellent stone for the month of October as many wish to connect to past ancestors and loved ones. In ancient times obsidian was used as mirrors and is a popular crystal for the purpose of scrying an divination

RED JASPER: Red jasper is also a protective crystal and was said to be used by ancient Celtic Warriors and the Picts as amulets of protection, often given to children to keep them safe. It also helps ground us and connect us to the earth. Protective crystals are helpful to keep on our person to help protect us against negative and malicious energies.

DRAGONSTONE: Dragon stone brings courage and strength of soul while also being protective and calming. It is said to help connect us to our spirit guides which is particularly helpful during this season.

MERLINITE: Merlinite is said to be the stone of Alchemists, Shamans, Wizards and Magicians and so is important if you follow any of those paths. Beyond that it is said to help change old patterns of behaviour, allowing you to start fresh. Also said to help create a peaceful environment and improve mindfulness and appreciation for the current moment.

MOONSTONE: We always recommend working with moonstone during the time of a full moon as it is the personification in crystal form of the moon itself and so it's lunar energies are particularly potent during this time. It is also said to be a feminine healing stone, helping women at all stages of life. Known also to be a travellers talisman, popular among sailors to keep them safe on voyages.

We hope you enjoyed these crystal recommendations and don't forget to give your crystals a cleanse tonight!

Love & Light

-The Crystal Shop


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