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Crystals for Novembers full beaver blood moon and lunar eclipse

I feel like we have had a lot of cool astronomical events this year and the month of November is no exception. This month we see the full Beaver Moon, named after Native American and European folklore and tradition, as this is the time Beaver's begin to take shelter in their lodges after storage food all summer. This month's full moon coincides with a total lunar eclipse which is why it earns it's name- the blood moon. Depending on where you are, as the moon rises it should appear a coppery red. Unfortunately the lunar eclipse will not be visible in the UK (boo) but it is believed by many that energetically it will still have an effect on all of us. To catch sight of this month's full moon head out on the evening of the 7th of November into the early hours of the 8th (if you can stay up so late ;)) and make sure to leave your crystals somewhere they can bathe in the moonlight all night to cleanse and charge them.

Energetically this month's full moon is all about preparation for the long, dark, winter months ahead of us. Are we preparing ourselves for the darker times ahead, how can we conserve our energy now. The lunar eclipse also marks a shift in energies, mainly relating to change and the constant cycle our world undergoes. We must be ready for times of transition and new beginnings ahead of us, after all the Celtic calendar has already reset and a new year is upon us. Here are some crystal reccommendations to assist you in this time and lend a little crystal magic...

First up we have the wonderful HEMATITE: at this time of year when the clocks of changed back we can feel a bit foggy and disorientated. Hematite can help bring clarity to the mind, clearing away confusion, it is also said to be great for the memory. On top of all this it is also said to be a stress soother, perfect for the busy seasons ahead of us.

Next is the magical Apophyllite, this gorgeous crystal helps with decision making, assisting you in making changes in your life and fully realising past mistakes by enhancing your intuition. Great to have close to you in this time of transition and change to keep you on the right path.

Similar Apophyllite cluster found here:

MALACHITE is the ultimate crystal of change and alteration, so perfect for this Eclipse season with change being one of its main themes. A very powerful crystal that helps you in your journey of change and realisation, it is also said to be very cleansing as well as being a stone of abundance and manifestation. This is important for this full moon season as we want to bring these aspects into the darker had of the year.

Find the Malachite moon here:

Next up we have CITRINE the stone of good fortune and luck. This crystal is often associated with abundance, believed by some cultures to bring good luck, fortune and abundance to it's owner. For this reason it is often used in manifestation, this time of the year can be a great time to harness the energy of change, particularly the Eclipse energy and set your intentions and manifestations for the month to come, using the power of gorgeous Citrine.

Finally, it can't be missed from a full moon list, particularly one with a Lunar Eclipse- beautiful MOONSTONE. Moonstone is closely linked with the cycles of the moon. It was believed in ancient times that holding a piece of moonstone in your mouth during the full moon would give you visions of the future. As well as being linked to lunar energies, Moonstone is linked to all things to do with feminine energies and is said to assist women in all stages of their life including PMS, Menopause and Pregnancy. This crystal is -particularly potent at this time, so keep some close to you to enjoy the lunar energy.

We hope this post gave you some inspiration for some wonderful crystals to turn to during this time, keep them close to you, wear them in jewellery form, decorate a special altar, or use them in a spell/ritual for the Full Moon and Eclipse- whatever works for you!

Keep you eyes peeled the evening of the 7th and early hours of the 8th to see this beautiful Astronomical event!

Love & Light

-The Crystal Shop


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