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Crystals for the August Sturgeon SuperMoon

This month we have the last Supermoon of the year- The Sturgeon Full Supermoon, the 4th Supermoon we have had in 2022. Supermoons are slightly closer to the Earth than normal full moons and so appear larger and brighter in the sky.

The unusual name of this full moon comes from Native American tradition as this time in August is when the prehistoric fish are most readily caught, mainly in the Great Lakes of America and Lake Champlain.

Have a look outside on Monday evening to see the full moon in all it's glory.

We have put together some crystal recommendations for this full moon period that embodies the energy of this time. As we near the end of summer this is a time of abundance and joy as we celebrate our successes of the year so far.

AVENTURINE: This gorgeous strawberry aventurine moon carving is the perfect crystal for this full moon period! Aventurine is an excellent all round healer that helps keep you balanced during times of busyness and change. Keep some near you to help stop burn out as we enjoy the busy summer period!

FLUORITE: Feeling like the summer heat has you in a bit of a daydream? Fluorite will help keep you focused as it's excellent for helping with concentration. Also said to help boost the immune system which is just what we need to fight off the summer colds and hay fever!

LACE AGATE: We had to include this super cute crazy lace agate fishy for the Sturgeon Supermoon! Lace Agate helps combat fatigue and exhaustion, excellent as we sleepily head towards the end of summer. Also said to cleanse the aura and awaken creativity, perfect as we move into the next half of the year and the new challenges that will bring.

SUNSTONE: Lets enjoy the sun a little longer with gorgeous sunstone, helping to increase your confidence and self worth while encouraging optimism. This is a crystal of luck and positive energy, great for carrying around with you everyday as an energy pick me up.

MOONSTONE: Of course we can't talk about a full moon without recommending the magical moonstone. This time we have this gorgeous and rare high grade moonstone heart with this incredible blue flash. Harness the energy and abundance of this full moon with moonstone, a balancing feminine stone that will help bring the energy of the moon into your life.

Remember a full moon is an excellent time to cleanse and charge all of your crystals- particularly a Supermoon! Leave your crystals somewhere they can bathe in the moonlight all night. We hope you enjoyed these crystal recommendations!

Love & Light

The Crystal Shop


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