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Crystals for the September Harvest Full Moon

Autumn is here and with it comes the Harvest Full Moon!

This full moon reaches it's peak in the morning hours of the 10th of September, but have a look outside the evening of the 9th to see it in darkness!

This aptly named lunar event gets it's name from it's close proximity to the Autumn equinox (On September 22 or 23rd), with this name actually being given to either the September or October full moons depending on which date is closest. This full moon rises for a few days, giving farmers some extra hours of bright light so they can finish up their harvests-also contributing to the name.

This full moon is also known as: Barley Moon, Fruit Moon, Autumn Moon, Falling Leaves Moon, Leaves Turning Moon, Moon of Brown Leaves and Yellow Leaf Moon depending on the culture and traditions.

It's holistic meaning is also connected to the idea of harvest and abundance as well as new challenges ahead and connecting with your hopes and ideals. We have some crystal recomendations for this full moon season and for the time ahead!

These crystal recommendations are all about abundance and attracting positivity into your lives. As we move in the darker seasons we can all feel a little down as we lose the longer days, but we have lots to look forward to in the rest of the year and these crystals will help bring positivity and energy into the new season.

Carnelian is a stone of passion and revitalisation. Known as a great healer, if you are feeling a little bit burnt out after a busy summer, this crystal will help recharge your social batteries, helping boost your energy for the season ahead.

Another uplifting crystal- sunstone encourages optimism and enthusiasm. As we get into the colder and darker months, a little bit of sunstone can help keep the sunshine with you. Also said to bring a little luck if you need it as well as work to increase self worth and confidence.

Jade is a stone of good luck and friendship as well as being a protective stone. If you often feel drained or negative, this can be a great stone to keep with you or near you to help shield your energy while helping attract good fortune. jade is also a stone of harmony, helping to bring a loving balance to your life.

Citrine is known to help dissipate negative energies, replacing them with more positive and uplifting energy with its positive and cheerful vibration. Also known to help attract wealth and good fortune so an excellent stone to keep near you as you make your goals or manifestations for the season ahead

Aventurine is known as an all round healer which brings soothing and balancing energy to help keep you calm during times of stress. Also said to help with creativity and insight so keep some with you if you are working on any new projects or activities.

Agate is also known as a powerful balancer which helps awaken creativity and strengthens the mind. Also said to help cleanse and balance your chakras. As we move into Autumn our energy can be all over the place as we get used to the seasonal changes, this stone will helps you deal with these changes, balancing mind and body.

As it's a full moon we always recommend the lovely Moonstone. This crystal is linked to the power of the moon and is particularly potent during the time of a full moon, use for manifestations and affirmations to get the benefit of the lunar energy. Also widely considered to be a feminine stone, helping during all stages of a women's life including PMS, pregnancy and the menopause. Any gender can benefit from feminine energies so do not feel like you cannot use this stone if you are not a women!

We hope you enjoyed these crystal recommendations and have got some inspiration for how or what crystals to use as we go into the Harvest Full Moon and season ahead.

Love & Light

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