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Full Moon June 2022 Strawberry Full Moon

The strawberry full moon of June gets its name not from a pinky colour but because it arrives at the time that strawberries begin to ripen. The full moons get their names from seasonal events and are closely tied to Native American, European and Colonial American traditions. Alternative names for the strawberry full moon include Mead, Rose and Hot Moon.

The best time to see it will be the evening of Tuesday the 14th in the UK!

This month is all about abundance and enjoying the indulgence of summer. We have selected a collection of crystals that embody this energy and will help you through this lunar cycle.

This month it is all about relaxing and reaping the fruits from the seeds of labour previously sown. Make sure to spend some time just for yourself, doing things you enjoy and are good for you. Here are some crystal recommendations that embody this feeling of summer and abundance:

PINK AVENTURINE: Helps increase your creativity and insight while working to soothe any stress or anxiety away

GARNET: Helps boost your immune system and energy levels while bringing positive and stabilising energies to relationships.

STRAWBERRY AMETHYST: Work on some self love with this calming crystal that helps you stay calm while releasing stress and anxiety.

MOONSTONE: The perfect crystal for a full moon, this crystal is often associated with femininity as it helps with PMS, cramps, breastfeeding and the menopause, it is also an excellent crystal to have near you during times of change and alteration.

FUCHSITE AND RUBY: This beautiful crystal combo is tied to the crown chakra and is great for all things relating to the heart

AGATE: Helps provide balance while cleansing the aura and strengthening the mind

STRAWBERRY CALCITE: A grounding and joyful crystals, it helps you find your inner wisdom and creativity while lifting your mood and energy levels. Also said to help with motivation and increasing willpower.

Remember to pop your crystals somewhere they will be able to bask in the moonlight all night to cleanse and charge them!

Hope you all have a wonderful strawberry full moon!

Love & Light

-The Crystal Shop


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