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How to use Crystals: Daily Crystal Draw

We have spoken a little bit before about different ways you can use crystals, this method is excellent as not only does it incorporate the properties of the crystals but it also asks that you carve out a little bit of time each day for a moment of mindfulness and calm.

This works particularly well if you have tumbles but any size of crystals will do, just collect them together in a bowl or place them near each other.

Take a moment to ask the universe what energy you will need to face the day, with your eyes closed, handle the crystals until you feel a crystal that feels "right" for you.

You can pick as many as you like, for this instance we picked two crystals.

Make sure you ask the question either out loud or in your head as you choose your crystals. The crystals that you have chosen will bring their energy into your day- especially if you carry them with you! In this case I picked Tree Agate which will help with inner strength and knowledge (great if you have any big tasks or challenges ahead) and Lapis Lazuli which helps to calm you down while drawing out negativity. You can see how this combination of properties would be great to carry with you throughout your day for a bit of uplifting crystal magic.

This is in many ways quite similar to daily tarot and oracle card pulls which is a common practice to help think about what energies will be needed for the day. This crystal pull can be used in conjunction with a tarot or oracle card pull as well for a little extra insight and guidance!

This is a super fun way to use your crystals daily and have something to look forward to in the morning for a little help and guidance throughout the day. If you need a little help identifying some of the properties we have a helpful stone sheet or just search it in our website to learn about the crystal properties.

Thank you for reading!

Love & Light

-The Crystal Shop

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