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How to use your crystals everyday (and enjoy the crystal magic)

We frequently get asked what crystals are for or how someone might use them in their day to day lives so here are some different methods of incorporating a little bit of crystal magic into your life!

Carry them with you

It might seem simple but carrying your crystals in your pocket, your purse, your bag or even (if you are a bra wearer) in your bra, is a super easy but effective way of enjoying the properties of your crystal all day. We often say proximity is important and having them near you all day is said to increase their effectiveness. You can also get specific with your crystal choices and locations such as placing crystals for abundance (such as Citrine and Pyrite) into your purse for monetary success or crystals for self love (such as Rose Quartz and Rhodonite) into your makeup bag or wash bag for an increase in confidence and self esteem.

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Carnelian pocket hearts

use them for mindfullness

If you already have a meditation or yoga practice then adding some crystals into your routine or rituals can make all the difference for some. Holding a tactile crystal in your hand while you meditate, particularly crystals that are associated with your root chakra (such as Selenite and Moss Agate) can help ground and focus your mind. Placing calming crystals such as Amethyst and Rose Quartz in your space while you practice yoga can help create a relaxing and peaceful environment. If you don't already have a little mindful practice then simply taking a few moments out of your day to take some deep breaths while holding your crystal in your hand can start focusing your mind and grounding your thoughts.

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Wear them in jewellery form

One of the best ways to keep your crystal close to you all day is to wear them in jewellery form. This way you often have direct constant skin contact for prolonged periods and so can get the best of each crystals energy and properties. It would be our advice to make sure the crystals you are wearing are water safe (particularly if you don't want to take the jewellery off when you go in for a shower or a bath or you wear your jewellery when working out) and regularly cleanse the crystals to get rid of any lingering unwanted energy you might have picked up in day to day life (see our other blog posts for cleansing your crystals guides).

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We hope this gave you some ideas of where you might want to get started in different ways to use your crystals, there are many more beyond this that we will explore in future posts including Reiki and crystal grids!

Love & Light

- The Crystal Shop


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