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INSTAGRAM STORY SALES- How do they work?

We have now started Instagram Story Sales! And the first one is FRIDAY April 29th at 9am. Exclusive prices and items. Crystals from the shop and just out of the delivery for extra special prices.

Up to 40% off item and exclusive Crystals before they hit the shop floor. These items will be available for full price after the sale if they do not sell.

26 crystals to choose from With codes A - Z to keep it simple.


1. Choose your crystals in the Story sale on instagram stories.

2. "Claim" on instagram by DM. Specific the number of the item so we dont muddle up! First come first served!

3. Check out your bundle below.We will have your own wee basket set up within 48 hours.

4. Receive your crystals in the post.

(scroll down to read more detailed info)

The next Instagram Story sale will be FRIDAY APRIL 29th 9am to SATURDAY APRIL 30th 9am.

​The instagram story gives you the option to choose your crystals individually having viewed them on story video on instagram.

How the instagram sale works:

  • Watch the instagram sale. The images will upload at a specified time and date and be available to view for 24 hours only. You can respond to the items you would like to buy, by replying to the image with the code and "Claim"

  • To buy a crystal DM ‘mine’ or ‘sold’ or ‘claim’ followed by the letters or numbers of that crystal: eg: ‘mine x’ or ‘sold rose quartz 3’ Example video below.

  • Please specify which crystal you are buying and make it clear that you are definitely buying rather than saying you like it.

  • Which ever DM comes up first on my phone will be the buyer of that crystal. You will be messaged back within 24 hours to confirm purchase.

  • After you have claimed your crystals, we will be add a wee personalised pay button for the piece (or bundle of crystals ) under your name where you can complete the purchase. This will be on this page on the website.

  • The website accepts all card types, Apple Pay, PayPal or interest free clearpay. You can choose your delivery option and add details on our website.

  • Everything will be sent by Royal Mail

  • Worldwide delivery is available

  • UK delivery is free over £20

For example: If you wanted this Smokey quartz palmstone, you would reply to the story with "Claim B"

Please be aware of the following happy rules:

Only DM if you are 100% certain you would like an item. You will also be able to purchase at full price on the website after the sale has ended if it is still available.

If you request a closer look, we may not get back to your before it has been claimed. These items will go quickly, as they are on a flash sale. So if you really like an item, only a claim will guarantee an item.

When you claim a crystal that is an agreement to buy that crystal, it is not a reservation.

Please do not swap items. It means other customers will miss out and it can cause disappointment.

If you have chosen crystals in the INSTAGRAM STORY then you can come to this page and find your name on the LIVE SALE BASKET page.

See more details here:

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