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Crystals for calming anxiety and stress.

We’ve a list of crystals, aromatherapy and holistic tools to help you feel calm and rested.You can get all these items individually or some of them in sets or healing boxes. This blog is about crystals.There will be more about Aromatherapy and Meditation tools.



There are many crystals which resonant and aid calming and reducing anxiety. Here is a list of some of the ones we recommend.

Stunning Purple Amethyst is a stone of peace. Bestows stability & peace. Soothing & calming it . Eases headaches & aids sleep. Calms worries & stress.

Silvery metallic Hematite is a stone for anxiety, Eases blood pressure & stress. Increases iron absorption into the body. Enhances mental clarity, memory & original thinking.

Gentle empathetic pink Rose Quartz is a comforting stone. Dissipates negative emotions, replacing them with forgiveness & compassion. Calms children. Reduces blood pressure and heals kidneys, adrenals and lungs.

Iridescent Labradorite, relieves anxiety and stress. Traditionally used to connect two souls through the stars. Used when distanced from loved ones to keep connected. Balances hormones and relieves menstrual tension. Enhances patience, clears the mind.

Amazonite will help calm emotions and nerves. Helps enhance creativity and artistic expression. Use in spells, rituals, and meditation to ground, and to inspire creativity.Useful in rectifying calcium deficiency and resisting tooth decay and osteoporosis. Helps alleviate muscle spasms, relieves stress and exhaustion.

Keep these crystals close to you in a pocket or by your bed.



Aromatherapy is a wonderful tool for relieving stress. in particular Lavender. I would highly recommend lavender for calming the body and mind. The company we use is magnificent and they also do a blend for RELAX, which adds several oils to aid calming. There is anther for SLEEP too. Oils can be added to a bath or used in an oil burner, or even just rubbed onto the radiators.

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