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Manifestation and crystal grids

If you have been online recently you will have heard all about the power of manifestation and while this may seem like a newer idea, it has actually been around for...well ages, literally.

Whether you want to manifest new relationships in your life, a work promotion, personal goals or more, crystals can be a great tool to amplify and focus your energy and intentions to help bring that manifestation to fruition. I will be discussing a couple of methods on how to use your crystals to aid in manifestation.

Crystal grids are a great choice if you want to create a specific space in your home to dedicate to manifestations, your goals and the flow of intention. I will be talking a little bit about how you might want to use a crystal grid to work on a specific manifestation, but they can also be used for other intentions such as self love, moon phases, sabbats etc.

Firstly, write your manifestation down on a piece of paper. Usually being as specific as you can tends to work the best when it comes to goals however if you want to work on self love or other affirmations they can be as broad as you like. Next, select a number of crystals that work well with your specific manifestation. For example, fluorite for study manifestations, rose quartz for love manifestations, tigers eye for career manifestations etc, these can be placed around the piece of paper or in specific formations (depending on the crystal grid itself, or just the arrangement of crystals in a space, loads of layout ideas can be found online). I personally like to then cover my piece of paper with clear quartz as this helps to boost and amplify the energy of the crystals and the intentions behind the manifestations. This formation can be left for as long as you need it and it resonates with you, some people choose specific times of the month such as the full or new moon to create the grids but it can really be done whenever you like.

If you don't have the space to do a full crystal grid layout then don't worry, I also like to use crystal wands or other crystal pieces to make a slightly more compact version of the manifestation area. This can also be great for quick little affirmations to help with a little confidence boost or other problem you might be experiencing (anxiety, trouble sleeping, fatigue etc). Write your manifestation or affirmation down on a piece of paper and place it with your chosen crystal/crystals so they are physically touching!

You might also want to keep this little formation physically close to the area that is to do with your manifestation (if applicable ) for example if it was a career or study based manifestation- keep this in your work area. Or if you are having trouble sleeping, keep it close to your bed or rest space!

We are often asked how people can "use" their crystals and manifestation setting is a great way to put your crystal pieces to good use. We hope this has given you some ideas and motivated you to get manifesting!

Love & Light

-The Crystal Shop


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