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Relaxing evening crystal ritual

If you have had a long hard day or are just wanting to relax and unwind a little evening ritual could be the perfect way to utilise your crystals and put some time aside for self care.

This ritual is all about creating a comforting, peaceful environment away from the stresses and worries of the outside world so the first thing you might like to do is spend a few moments taking some deep breaths to help ground yourself and calm the body down. Another good idea to help set the mood would be to create a playlist of all your favourite relaxing music or check out some relaxing or meditation playlists on YouTube!

Next you want to spend some time cleansing your space, you can do this with incense, Paulo Santo, sage or smoke cleansing bundles. Waft the smoke around the room to help clear away any lingering negative energies. If you are into aromatherapy burn some of your favourite relaxing oils, we recommend: Lavender, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, Chamomile and Neroli for some extra calming vibes.

Choose a selection of crystals that call to you, in this case I have chosen Ametrine for it's negativity clearing properties, Amethyst for it's relaxing and sleep-aiding properties, Rose quartz for it's warm, loving energy and it's ability to help balance our emotions and finally Tigers Eye, to help with inner strength and confidence.

You can use these crystals in a variety of ways including meditation. Hold these crystals in your hands before meditating and notice the texture and feel of them for a little mindfulness exercise. You can also use this time to work on manifestation and affirmations as we have written about previously. For an extra relaxing treat you could draw yourself a hot bath and even place your crystals (as long as they are water safe!) into the bathwater for a crystal-charged bath.

Once you have spent some time enjoying your chosen activity you may wish to close off the ritual by reading or journaling or watching your favourite tv show! The main thing is taking some time to your self and doing the things you enjoy and find relaxing! Taking this time can do wonders for daily anxiety and stress and can give you something to look forward to. You can also tailor these rituals to suit you and whatever issues you may be facing at the time- spend some time choosing crystals that you think will help with your current stresses.

We hope that you enjoyed this little crystal evening routine and are inspired to go off and try it for yourself.

Love & Light

-The Crystal Shop


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