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Singing Bowls

Singing bowls and Sound therapy in general is an ancient practice. Singing bowls have been used in Tibet and neighboring areas for religious and spiritual ceremonies, as well as meditation. The first bowls were made from an alloy of various metals and were used already 6000 years ago in the Far East.

These bowls produce their beneficial effects through the vibrational frequency emitted when played. The vibrations and sound waves form the bowl interact with your body and brain waves, and calm the body and mind, giving a deeper sense of meditation and spiritual clarity. The sound is believed to reduce the stress hormone cortisol and create a calmer more relaxed state.

The sound of Tibetan singing bowls and the gong harmonizes and allows deep relaxation of both sides of the brain. It stimulates stress relief on all levels and the elimination of toxins from the body. After sound therapy emotions are calm and the mind clearer, and the sound vibrations have effect on the body after the singing bowls have been played on it.Traditional singing bowls are made out of metal alloys, but some special singing bowls (like these) can be made out of crystal.

Sounds affect all three human levels: the physical, mental and spiritual:

The physical effect of vibrations on the body:

💜deep relaxation and muscle regeneration

💜pain relief for joints, muscles, sciatica, 💜headache and migraine, the digestive system, headaches and migraine, spine injuries, shoulders, improved blood circulation

💜better digestion

💜atoms, molecules, cells, tissues and organs function in a more synchronised way

💜better energy flow

💜elimination of toxins from the body

💜better immune system

Mental or emotional effect:

💙relaxed mind, mental/emotional tensions and blockages are eased

💙better concentration

💙inner feelings are activated and released

💙more energy and strength in everyday life

💙alleviated mental or emotional pain

💙improved self-confidence, boosted creative and productive potential

Spiritual effect:

🧡a positive feeling of self

better balance and harmony in your life

experiences of bliss

Singing bowls and Cleansing your crystals.

Singing bowls can be used to cleanse your home and crystals. The vibrations cleanse the environment and can clear your whole home and life space.

Scientific studies have proven that Tibetan singing bowls produce specific waves

Scientific analyses of electromagnetic brainwaves have confirmed the existence of clearly recognisable waves, which are connected to different states of consciousness. It is known that the brain in its normal state, i.e. in everyday conscience, produces beta waves. Alpha waves are present in the states of meditation and calm consciousness. Theta waves are typical for the state of slumber, whereas delta waves are present only during deep sleep. When the waves produced by singing bowls were recorded, scientists discovered wave patterns which were the same as the alpha waves produced by our brain. These waves give a feeling of deep relaxation.

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