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The BEAVER Moon - Full Moon NOVEMBER

The Full Moon in November is named after beavers who build their winter dams at this time of year. It is also called Frost Moon and Mourning Moon, depending on the winter solstice.

According to some sources, the Full Moon for November is named after beavers because this is the time they become particularly active building their winter dams in preparation for the cold season. The beaver is mainly nocturnal, so they keep working under the light of the Full Moon.

(FInd out about all the lunar cycles and associated crystals here )

This month is amazing because it is a Beaver Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. A lunar phenomenon that brings great luck and fortune. Beavers are builders and planners so it is time to look at your goals and hopes.

The best stone for this month, manifestation and opening your third eye is Lapis Lazuli. Not only does it help open yourself to new opportunities but also helps dispel negative thoughts and helps you to motivate yourself.

Citrine works really well with Lapis to help you make the right choices and decisions. It is known as a stone of wealth and wisdom, so excellent for new jobs and opportunities.

Citrine dissipates negative energies. Has a cheerful and positive vibration. Attracts wealth and good fortune.It helps eliminate toxins, relieve depression. and it reduces the harmful effects of electrical products and environmental toxins. Excellent Wolf Moon stone. Keep it with you, in your pocket or where you sit the most throughout the Wolf moon transition.

Full Moon - Receiving

A full moon is the most exciting and energetic stage of the moon cycle. Motivation is at a peak during this time, making this the time to finish any projects that you’re working on. This is also a good time to analyse how your energy is being spent and to see if you can be more efficient. Moonstone is the perfect connection to the Goddess and the healing energies of the full moon and should be used during this moon phase.

Other crystals to keep close by:

Jade: Good luck and good fortune.

Black tourmaline: Powerfully repels negative thoughts and feelings.

And dont forget to sage! Clear and be ready for a new start!

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(FInd out about all the lunar cycles and associated crystals here )

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