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The WORM Moon - Full Moon MARCH

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Our Spring full moon of 2022! The Worm moon is upon us on March 18th. Such named because the worms come out and spring begins!

(FInd out about all the lunar cycles and associated crystals here )

The Native American tribes in the South call the March full moon the Worm moon because of the earthworm casts, soil that the worms digest, become visible as the ground thaws.

A Worm moon is a time of rebirth. Moving from a chrysalis stage to full butterfly, as the spring arrives and we can transform into our true self. Emerging from the winter, we can now celebrate a transformative self and be ready to walk a new more spiritually aware life.

Also don't forget - a good for cleansing and energising your crystals. So get out and pop your stones in the moon light over night (Or on your window sill) for a good ol charging!

There are particular crystals for a full moon, which we have a in lunar pack, but below are some crystals which are useful during this moon stage!

Full Moon - Receiving

A full moon is the most exciting and energetic stage of the moon cycle. Motivation is at a peak during this time, making this the time to finish any projects that you’re working on. This is also a good time to analyse how your energy is being spent and to see if you can be more efficient. Moonstone is the perfect connection to the Goddess and the healing energies of the full moon and should be used during this moon phase.

Black tourmaline is an excellent stone for the Worm Moon. With new awakenings, we are sometimes vulnerable to attack, like the little worms as they wiggle out the ground, we should use tourmaline to protect our soul and confidence from attack as we emerge.

Sunstone is another great stone for the Worm moon. Encourages optimism and enthusiasm. A Spring stone, it creates vitality & positive energy. It can also brings good luck and It acts as an antidepressant. As we start our new journey we always need a little more self confidence, sunstone is great for instilling self-worth.

Other crystals to keep close by:

Aventurine - Stone of Spring and Ostara

Quartz - Cleansing and powerful energy.

And dont forget to sage! Clear and be ready for a new start!

(FInd out about all the lunar cycles and associated crystals here )

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