Give the gift of Crystal healing. Thee sets to choose from, Calm, Love and Protection. Three crystals in each set, with a description card of the crystals. Packaged in a beautiful presentation box.


CALM: Crystals for stress and anxiety.

Stunning Purple Amethyst is a stone of peace. Bestows stability & peace. Soothing & calming it . Eases headaches & aids sleep. Calms worries & stress.

Silvery metallic Hematite is a stone for anxiety, Eases blood pressure & stress. Increases iron absorption into the body. Enhances mental clarity, memory & original thinking.

Gentle empathetic pink Rose Quartz is a comforting stone. Dissipates negative emotions, replacing them with forgiveness & compassion. Calms children. Reduces blood pressure and heals kidneys, adrenals and lungs.

Keep these crystals close to you in a pocket or by your bed.


All the crystals are 20-30mm in size. Due to the nature of the product colours may vary.

Little Box of CALM