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Full Pink Moon 2022

Saturday the 16th of April marks 2022's full pink moon!

The first full moon of the spring season, the full pink moon gets it's name- not unfortunately from it's colour- but as it marks the blooming period of a wildflower in Eastern North America called Moss Phlox or Moss Pink! It has many other names including the breaking ice moon, frog moon, budding moon of plants and shrubs and moon when the ducks come back- all marking seasonal events!

We have picked out a selection of some great crystals to use to help channel this blooming pink moon energy! Think reenergizing, loving, spring time vibes!

RHODONITE: While we might all be familiar with rose quartz and it's associations with love, Rhodonite is another great love stone! It can help with self love work and strengthening relationships in your life as well as helping you find new relationships. As we move into the Spring and everything begins to wake up again this is a great crystal to carry with you for some warming, loving energy.

PISTACHIO CALCITE: A crystal of meditation this can help you feel enlightened while cleansing blocked energies and helping you let go- this might be letting go of negative relationships or emotions, so it's a great crystal as we move into the Spring season which is all about rebirth, energy and new life!

MOONSTONE: Always a great crystal to keep with you if you want to channel the energy of the moon, moonstone is a feminine stones that helps to balance emotions. This is also a great crystal to use to help overcome change and challenges. In this case I've picked beautiful pink moonstone for the pink moon!

ROSE QUARTZ: The definitive love stone! This pretty pink quartz is great for working on self love while also being calming and aiding in forgiveness- a great stone for empaths, we always recommend carrying a bit of rose quartz for a comforting boost.

SELENITE: The natural cleanser! This magical crystal is great for cleansing the body, mind and other crystals! It is also grounding and great for use in meditation and manifestation. It also helps with optimism if you want to move into Spring feeling excited and emboldened!

Remember the full moon is a great time to cleanse and charge all of your crystals in the moonlight! Leave your crystals overnight in a place they can soak up all the moonlighty-goodness. It also a great time to set intentions and manifestations for the season to come.

If it's a clear night make sure to have a peek outside to have a look at April's gorgeous pink full moon!

Love & Light

-The Crystal Shop

P.S Here are the links to all products mentioned ;)

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