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Selenite is one of my absolutely favourite stones. A cool thing about Selenite is that is is a natural cleanser and charger. So if you pop your other crystals on a plate or bowl of Selenite it is said to naturally cleanse and charge them. No need for fancy cleansing routines - it is a perfect way to keep your gemstones ready to rock! 

This is the stone to use for meditation but can be very useful in clearing the mind. Great if you are an over thinker or worrier. I believe everyone should have a selenite crystal.

Holistic Healing and Metaphysical Traditions: Gently grounding, it is said to clarify thinking, promote optimism, quiet the mind. channel energy, aid yogic practice. Associated with flexibility, the spine and the nervous system. A natural cleanser and charger, placing your stones on a slice of selenite, in a selenite bowl or plate, is said to naturally cleanse and charge your crystals. Pop them over night next to your bed, and it also is a cute way to keep them all together and safe.


Cool facts: It is part of a family of crystals called Gypsum. Selenite is when completely perfect can be seen all the way through like a window and is called TV Stone. It can also come in flower shapes and in daisy formations. Truly a stunning crystal family 

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