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How to use crystal pendulums

Continuing on from our previous posts describing different ways you can use your crystals; we move on to crystal pendulums!

These pretty crystal pieces are popularly used as a tool in divination (which is described as "the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means") be it in an effort to get a peek at future plans or as a method of unearthing answers to questions hidden in your subconscious.

Crystal pendulums are seen by some as a tool to raise your awareness and connect to your higher self or connect to the "higher" energies of the universe. As they can offer yes or no answers they are also used to help make decisions.

The best thing to do is find a pendulum that you feel connected to and make sure you approach this practice with a clear and concentrated mind. You might achieve this through meditation or taking a few mindful minutes before you begin to take some deep breathes and ground yourself. Your pendulum is connected to you and so if you approach this with negative or unsteady energy the results could be unpredictable and reflect the energy that you are bringing.

Next step is making sure the question you are going to ask is clear in your mind and will have either a yes, no or maybe answer. A pendulum cannot go into detail and therefore you need to be as straightforward as possible to get the most straightforward answer.

For ease a board can be used as shown in the first picture, which can be helpful as the guide points are already established, however it is not required. A similar effect can be achieved using paper or even your hand. You just need to take the extra step to establish your guide points, this can be achieved through asking the pendulum a question you know the answer to such as "is my name" and observing which way it swings to find the direction that equals yes and the direction that equals no.

As with other crystals your pendulum will need to be cleansed, make sure to cleanse with moonlight, selenite, incense/sage smoke, sea salt or water (if the crystal is water/salt safe) before using and between uses to get rid of any residual energy.

Prepare your questions before hand so you are ready and know what you will ask and make sure to relax into the process, keeping your mind open. The pendulum might not always have a clear answer to your question and while that can be frustrating you might just need to put a little bit more time or thought into your question.

It is also important to remember not to rely on the pendulum for answers to all of your questions, it can be great as a guide and for extra direction, particularly with difficult decisions, however it shouldn't be used to answer all of your questions or make every decision for you!

So key takeaways are to: Pick a pendulum with a crystal that speaks to you, make sure you spend some time grounding and relaxing before you begin the divination or pendulum practice. Prepare your questions before hand that lead to a simple yes, no or maybe answer. If you are not using a board make sure to establish your guide points before using.

We hope you have found this helpful and it has inspired you to look into using pendulums!

Love & Light

-The Crystal Shop


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