A stone of protection, smokey quartz is an excellent stone for protecting your home. Placing smokey quartz in the corners of your home and at the door can create a protective shield from negativity. Helps to cleanse you as you enter the house and you can leave behind the worries and anxieties of the day. 

Healing: Gently dissolves negative energies & blockages. Excellent grounding stone for meditation. Can help overcome addictions and improve positive outlook. Relieves muscular spasms and pains. It regulates liquids within the body and aids assimilation of minerals. Protective stone for your home.

Cool facts: Smokey Quartz is one of the National stones of Scotland and has been considered a sacred stone there for a long time, a belief dating back to the Druids. 

A particular type of smoky quartz found exclusively in the Cairngorm mountain range, it is known as 'Cairngorm quartz', 'Cairngorm stone' or simply 'Cairngorm'. This is a citrine smokey quartz and is now very rarely found. It is pretty extinct and can only really be found in antique fayres in items like sgian-dubh and jewellery.

It was extraordinarily popular during the Victorian age and was a favourite gem of the queen herself.