Rose Quartz, the stone of love. Rose quartz has been considered a symbol of beauty and love, and has been used for religious objects for thousands of years, and also for ornaments and gemstones. Rose quartz has been used for ornamental carvings like statues, and figurines. 


The best stone for calming waves of emotion and emotional stress. 


Healing: Dissipates negative emotions, replacing them with forgiveness & compassion. Helps empaths. Hormonal balancer. Calms waves of emotion. Brings love into your heart. Calms children. Reduces blood pressure and heals kidneys, adrenals and lungs. Increase fertility and protects from miscarriage.

Cool Facts:  The color in rose quartz is the result of several impurities including titanium, manganese, and iron. There have been recent studies, however, suggesting that the color in massive rose quartz is the result of microscopic fibers, which may be totally new, and up to now, an unknown material causing the color in rose quartz.