Aura Quartz is a high grade quartz treated and fuses with a precious metal. There are many types because their are several different metals used, like Gold, silver, platinum and titanium. This results in different colours. They are considered very powerful in the crystal healing and amplified by the precious metals. They are very very pretty.

This is a very powerful healing stone and uses the high grade quartz and precious metal properties.

Aura Quartz is made in both China and America. American Aura Quartz is rare and should be expensive. They are bonded in vacuum chambers with different precious metals depending on the desired colour. When made in the USA, aura Quartz are much more expensive than the made in China ones due to the precious metals used, small batches, and high quality Quartz.


Chinese Aura Quartz are bulk made and tend to be less expensive. They use a simpler process and there for you can get points, towers and hearts at more affordable prices. They are not as powerful as the American Aura Quartz but are not to be discounted completely. Still beautiful. Still Quartz and precious metal. Just not quite as rare/unique.

Be careful to avoid dyed and low grade telfon coated auras online. We do not carry any but they tend to be cheaper and use low grade quartz and are dyed. You can usually tell but the price and the very bright nature of the stones.